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10 Words Every Kdrama Fan Should Know

Aug.10.2013. 06:31PM

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I saw this and thought I'd share it with you all ;)

Do you know all of them? The only one I didn't recognize was #7

1) 형 Hyung — Let’s start with the word that sparked this article. “Hyung” is a word used by a younger male to refer to or call an older male. Although it literally means “older brother,” it can also be used between close friends. Oh, hyung, can you buy me dinner today?!

2) 누나 Noona — A word used by a younger male to refer or call an older female. Similarly to “hyung,” noona literally means “older sister,” but can be used between close friends. (Also used in “Noona Fans” — Older female fans who like younger male actors.) Noona….I think I love you!

3) 오빠 Oppa — Perhaps the most well known of K-drama lingo, “oppa” is what a younger girl uses to call an older guy. Contrary to what K-drama’s might have you think, it does not always have to be used cutely. Oppaaaa, let’s go on a date, okay?!

4) 언니 Eon-nee — A word used by a younger girl to call an older girl. Also, recently turned into a dance by CL of 2NE1. Now do the eon-nee!

5) 아저씨 Ahjussi/아줌마 Ahjumma — Used to call a middle-aged man (ahjussi) or woman (ahjumma). Although it can sometimes be used as an insult if the person is “too young”, it’s generally safe to use. That ahjussi has some pretty sweet dance moves.

6) 사랑해 Saranghae — On par with “oppa” for the most well known K-drama word, “saranghae” means “I love you!” Oppa…. saranghae.

7) 아르바이트 Arubite — Commonly heard in dramas with characters still in school. “Arubite” (sometimes shortened to “Alba”) refers to someone who does work part-time.  Q: What are you doing right now? A: Arubite!

8) 선배 Sunbae — Refers to someone who has been in the business longer than the user. Often used in dramas that take place in an office. I’m new here, so he’s my sunbae!

9) 소주 Soju — Although it’s not heard that often, I figured I’d include it since it’s seen so often! Soju is Korean alcohol that often comes in a green bottle. Whenever your favorite character is depressed and drinking away their problems, they’re probably drinking soju. One more glass of soju, please… T_T

10) 대박 Daebak — A slang term that basically means “super cool!” Drawn out for dramatic effect and often accompanies a thumbs-up. That movie was daaaaaebak!

And there you have it! The 10 Korean words that you now know. Are there any words that I missed? Or words that you’re confused about? Leave them in the comments below!

credit goes to Sojin at Dramafever Blog


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StellyBish BGRStellyBish Aug.13.2013 07:14AM
All of them are soo popular xD


~SkarfFanForever~ USA~SkarfFanForever~ Aug.12.2013 08:56PM
Thanks for sharing!!! ^^ ^^



Katye MEXKatye Aug.12.2013 04:44PM
Ne and aniyo are pretty recognizable words too x)


minorisapphire USAminorisapphire Aug.12.2013 03:14PM
Thank you for this!! ha ha. I recognized almost all of them.


mandapanda-xo AUSmandapanda-xo Aug.12.2013 09:32AM
This is daebak! Thanks for sharing :)


DoniaElf TKMDoniaElf Aug.12.2013 07:17AM
I know all of them but #7 uuh >.< there’s a lot of other words that you should probably know from watching korean dramas :D <3


Be the Chaser of Infinite - Sungyeol2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - RiikoOn and On - LEO Riiko FRARiiko Aug.12.2013 05:30AM
I knew them all, except the number 7 :p


MissChocolate AREMissChocolate Aug.12.2013 03:17AM
i know all of them :D ~ but #7 >///< , hehe ummm you forgot : #11 mianhea , #12 gomao , #13 kamsamida , # 14 aigoo ... heh i am not sure about the spelling but ... yeah ^^;; and by the way nice post ^w^ <3 ~


Kpop_girly AUTKpop_girly Aug.12.2013 03:13AM
I just didn’t know Arubite ^^


KendalAlexandra USAKendalAlexandra Aug.11.2013 11:36PM
I knew all but #7 :D


Vera Jabbour CANVera Jabbour Aug.10.2013 11:54PM
i dont know number 7 too


IloveHYS USAIloveHYS Aug.10.2013 11:17PM
I don’t know #7.


b2utyful_school USAb2utyful_school Aug.10.2013 11:12PM
The only one I didn’t know was #7 (아르바이트 - Arubite), but that’s probably because I don’t really watch many dramas~ Teacher, friend, and mother/father are some other common ones :D


Joyceee12 USAJoyceee12 Aug.10.2013 10:49PM
Yep i know them all :D


Boy In Luv - JiminJaejoong's Fan ClubDonghae's Fan Club aemiae USAaemiae Aug.10.2013 10:43PM
I didn’t know #4 or #7 but now I do :) yay! Dongsaeng - used to refer to boys & girls younger than you


Love Style of Boyfriend - Kwangmin2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - AlandriaBe the Chaser of Infinite - Sunggyu Alandria USAAlandria Aug.10.2013 10:24PM
I now think they missed an important word ;)
Chingu ;)


kpopperfreak USAkpopperfreak Aug.10.2013 09:55PM


Denise Kang USADenise Kang Aug.10.2013 08:26PM
Haha the only one I didn’t know was #7 and the rest I learned mostly from kpop XD


Vicky Lee AUSVicky Lee Aug.10.2013 10:28PM
Same, haha ^^

NaraKamilia APNaraKamilia Aug.10.2013 08:22PM
Thnx for sharing ;)


Awawame CANAwawame Aug.10.2013 08:21PM
Yayy! I know all these words ^U^


Republic_Of_HafizRah MYSRepublic_Of_HafizRah Aug.10.2013 08:12PM



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