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How I get free kpop merch :)

Aug.25.2013. 11:27AM

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Posted this on tumblr a little while ago and wanted to post it here~ :3

First, Swagbucks

Swagbucks is really easy to use and there are a lot of ways you can earn points, from watching videos, using their search bar, playing games, taking surveys, and doing other special offers.  I’ve been using it for about 5 months and I’ve already made over $200 in gift cards.



(the $5 Amazon gift cards are priced a little lower than other gift cards; and I used that $100 Walmart gift card to buy myself a tablet~)

They also have lots of other gift cards, including ones for Paypal (which I don’t have so I just buy from Amazon~)

When you redeem something from swagbucks, it usually takes 7-14 days to receive it.

Next, Instagc

Instagc is also really easy to use.  You can earn points from taking surveys, completing special offers, watching videos, clicking on sites, and even from getting referrals.  I’ve been using Instagc for about 3 months and I’ve made almost $150.



Instagc also has a nice variety of gift cards, and as the name of the site implies, you receive your gift cards instantly when you redeem them.  Alternatively, you can request a check for your points


And now for some proof shots of the things I’ve bought :)

I can’t find my USB to upload the photos, but here is a screencap of my Amazon orders~





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SHINee's Fan Club ShinyLadybug USAShinyLadybug Oct.13.2013 11:48PM
Hey I thought I’d come to you with an update even though I never commented XD. I had a Swagbucks account for like two years (pretty much forgot about haha) and I never really put in the effort (thus I never got to snag anything) but it’s so much easier to earn Swagbucks now. I put in the work all September making sure I hit the daily goal everyday (especially since I’ve had BTS’s new album in my head,a need to have Shinee or Gdragon bookbag, and I would really like to save up to enter a program to go to Korea next year and my mom doesn’t really approve of Kpop merch or Korea) So this month I made 6,0000 Swagbucks ^_^ I was so surprised that I did it and happy that I can get the things I want now. Instead of buying the amazon cards like you have I bought a $50 and $5 Walmart gift card and I plane to exchange it for a Visa card so I can shop on all the sites without restrictions to just one site like amazon and I’m not old enough to get a paypal yet lol.
Oh and with Instagc I think it’s is 100x’s harder to get points so far I’ve only made $4 in a month XD but money is money I will take it. But what’s great is that they let you cash out at 100 points with a gift card that’s instant OR get a check whereas with Swagbucks you have to have at least have 450 Swag bucks to at least get a $5 amazon card the process is a slow but Swag bucks are way easier to get and give extra points when you reach daily goal or use a code and NOSO’s are just heaven *_*.
*Sorry for the paragraphs. I just wanted to thank you for my new found faith in Swagbucks and introduction to InstaGc :D Now I can clutter my wall with Kpop things. By this rate I can buy my own Kindle by Christmas XD


Daebak Date with B.A.PNILLILI MAMBO with Block B!Ooh Ooh, Eric Nam - 1 ImaKpopper USAImaKpopper Aug.27.2013 07:36PM
Woah. 0_o Thanks! I will definitely try this! c:


On and On - NStop It - ZeloBoy In Luv - Jimin b4bym3L0dyk1ss USAb4bym3L0dyk1ss Aug.27.2013 07:31PM
wow! cool! maybe i’ll try when i get the time...


Be the Chaser of Infinite - SunggyuBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.Boy In Luv - Jimin crabby.patty.127 IDNcrabby.patty.127 Aug.26.2013 02:37PM
it doesn’t work in my country :(


One Of A Kind, G-Dragon! - 2Voodoo Doll, VIXX!Safety zone, DMTN! Phoenix BGRPhoenix Aug.25.2013 02:49PM
agh earning points in those kinds of sites is so hard if not impossible for people living in countries besides USA :(. Well goodluck to those who are going to try. Hope there are available offers for international people from time to time


Daily Check-inDaily Check-inDaily Check-in GURU♥KISS BRAGURU♥KISS Aug.25.2013 12:16PM
I could sign up for instagc but there’s no tasks for me, lol~
I wonder if this will really work in Brazil...


One Love - RaehyunOne Love - DaegunOne Love - Yejun Ildi HUNIldi Aug.25.2013 12:08PM
thank you so much for sharing this with us. i wanna give it a try too :D


Tried to Walk, B1A4!Baekhyun's Fan ClubStop Girl, U-KISS! baekhyun♥ PHLbaekhyun♥ Aug.25.2013 12:06PM
instagc doesn’t work in my country :(


Daily Check-inDaily Check-inDaily Check-in GURU♥KISS BRAGURU♥KISS Aug.25.2013 12:03PM
Meh~ Swagbucks doesn’t work for my country TT^TT
I’m gonna try the next site.


hannahbkpop USAhannahbkpop Aug.25.2013 12:04PM
aww :(

Tried to Walk, B1A4!Baekhyun's Fan ClubStop Girl, U-KISS! baekhyun♥ PHLbaekhyun♥ Aug.25.2013 12:00PM
so which one is the best??
sorry if i have so many questions LOL!! :D


hannahbkpop USAhannahbkpop Aug.25.2013 12:03PM
its alright :p
I think instagc is better because you can get the gift cards instantly, and the points for their offers are usually higher

Tried to Walk, B1A4!Baekhyun's Fan ClubStop Girl, U-KISS! baekhyun♥ PHLbaekhyun♥ Aug.25.2013 11:53AM
we need to register right?? before we start earning points


hannahbkpop USAhannahbkpop Aug.25.2013 11:55AM

Tried to Walk, B1A4!Baekhyun's Fan ClubStop Girl, U-KISS! baekhyun♥ PHLbaekhyun♥ Aug.25.2013 11:47AM
do we need to make account??


hannahbkpop USAhannahbkpop Aug.25.2013 11:50AM
to use them? yeah

Daily Check-inDaily Check-inDaily Check-in GURU♥KISS BRAGURU♥KISS Aug.25.2013 11:41AM
Is it easier to gain points there than at estuff? ’Cause all the polls, videos and survyes of estuff doesn’t work for my country.
I really want to give it a try ^^


hannahbkpop USAhannahbkpop Aug.25.2013 11:44AM
I’m not sure, I haven’t used estuff and I live in the USA, but its worth trying ^^

Daily Check-inDaily Check-inDaily Check-in GURU♥KISS BRAGURU♥KISS Aug.25.2013 11:50AM
I’ll give it a try later ^^ Thank you.
It always works for USA residents, but people from other countries always complain about not being able to get points :(

hannahbkpop USAhannahbkpop Aug.25.2013 11:51AM
that stinks :( hope it works!!

GURUPOP Show EP7 from SiwanGURUPOP Show Supporters - EP1GURUPOP Show EP11 from Changsub LittleMissKpopLover PHLLittleMissKpopLover Aug.25.2013 11:40AM
wow. can i use the vouchers on other sites? :O


hannahbkpop USAhannahbkpop Aug.25.2013 11:43AM
here are the links to their rewards stores

Tried to Walk, B1A4!Baekhyun's Fan ClubStop Girl, U-KISS! baekhyun♥ PHLbaekhyun♥ Aug.25.2013 11:39AM
can you please teach me??


Voodoo Doll - LeoOn and On - LEOBecause of Christmas - Leo kpoptildrop USAkpoptildrop Aug.25.2013 11:43AM
Me too! :)

Daily Check-inGood Boy Release Card - Baek Ji YoungGurupop's 2nd Birthday BANAVIP IDNBANAVIP Aug.25.2013 11:34AM
FOR REAL??????


hannahbkpop USAhannahbkpop Aug.25.2013 11:38AM
you pretty much just complete offers, accumulate points, and redeem them~ if you need any help just ask^^

Be the Chaser of Infinite - SunggyuBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.Boy In Luv - Jimin crabby.patty.127 IDNcrabby.patty.127 Aug.25.2013 11:31AM
it doesn’t cost you a cent??do we need to have paypal?


hannahbkpop USAhannahbkpop Aug.25.2013 11:35AM
nope~ I don’t have a paypal, so I buy kpop albums I can find on amazon (as opposed to kpoptown, yesasia, etc) ^^


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