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Sehun ’s letter to Baekhyun @ Sukira Kiss The Radio

rozy keke mato
Aug.29.2013. 04:26PM

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The hyung thats pure and shares the same O blood type as me, Baekhyunnie hyung. In such a short period of time, being able to mingle and mix with us, I'm really thankful and i love you. Baekhyun hyung is a very heartwarming person but even though you dont show it on your face sometimes I know that you care about the members a lot... and think about them a lot, so I'm very proud! Baekhyunnie's best friend, the happy virus Chanyeol's hyungs words are right.. Even if you hurt yourself you still smile and make us happy even though you're hurting. You're always kind and smiling so thank you. I hope you always keep this kind of clean and pure image forever. I love you

awww thats so sweet of you sehunnie...



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b4bym3L0dyk1ss USAb4bym3L0dyk1ss Aug.29.2013 05:25PM
awwww, how sweet of him to say that to baekhyunnie. >///<


Watashi wa Pikachu HRVWatashi wa Pikachu Aug.29.2013 05:16PM
aww so sweet n.n


kpopperfreak USAkpopperfreak Aug.29.2013 04:29PM
So Sweet of him!



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