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BOY London on Korean Idols

Laura ☆
Aug.30.2012. 07:59PM

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The legendary brand BOY London was launched in 1977 by Stephane Raynor. This brand was an instant succes among the punk youth of the 70's, that represented freedom, world peace and anarchy.

In 1977 BOY London Clothing opened its fist store on the world famous Kings Road, eventually going on to became one of the most iconic English fashion brand of the past 50 years.

BOY London clothes use a sophisticated monochrome black and white theme as its dominant colours on t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggins and caps. All of them made by following some specific fashion cuts, shapes and prints that are usually the word 'BOY' or the World War II Bird.

At the beginning, this brand was mainly focused on punk youth however, this rapidly expanded as demand for the brand grew within all genres as dis its celebrity fans, with Andy Warhol, Boy George and Madonna becoming just few of the top names rocking the brand during its early days.

  Boy George

Little by little, this brand was becoming more and more popular, losing its first mean of freedom, world peace and anarchy and has continued to grow from strength to strength with celebrities still waiting to be associated with the brand. Singers like the British Jessie J or the American Rihanna have became number 1 fans of the BOY London fashion brand.

Recently and as a surprise for all kpopers fans of this fashion label, some Korean Idols are joining this trend as we all can see.

These idols are the MTV Worldwide act Asia-Pacific winners, BIGBANG and one of the members of the rookie group B.A.P, Zelo.


BIGBANG, the five members boyband that was born on 2006 have decided to use this brand on several of their shows like SoundFest [14042012] "Fantastic Baby" Inkigayo performance. Surprisingly, all of the members wore it!

Zelo, the maknae of the rookie boyband of TS Entertainment, B.A.P have been worn on this brand for the recording of the MV of their single 'No Mercy' and another events.

Apart from these two, another Korean idols have worn this brand, some of them are Lay of EXO-M and Junhyung of B2ST.

For more information about the brand, visit its official website on the link below.


What's your opinion about Korean idols to wear this brand? Do you like or do you dislike?

Did you know this brand before? If yes, how did you know it?


'From Warhol, to Madonna, Punks through to New Romantics, club kids to fashionistas, all have worn BOY.'

-BOY 2012.







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MathildaGLZ SWEMathildaGLZ Oct.10.2012 03:53PM
i love their shirts <33


박 혜 린 IDN박 혜 린 Aug.31.2012 07:03AM
That brand is cool >.< VIXX wore it even before their debut :D The cap that Zelo wore is same like N.. Jjun wear it too :D


Laura ☆ ESPLaura ☆ Aug.31.2012 12:53PM
Woah! I did’t know VIXX ~~ Thank you for the information, I’m listening to them right now ^^

박 혜 린 IDN박 혜 린 Aug.31.2012 12:59PM
You’re welcome :)

benzedrine PHLbenzedrine Aug.31.2012 06:57AM
cool! :))


Laura ☆ ESPLaura ☆ Aug.31.2012 12:50PM
Thank you! :D

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Laura ☆ ESPLaura ☆ Aug.31.2012 12:49PM
thank you ^^

IGNITION Release Card - GongchanIGNITION Release Card - JinyoungIGNITION Release Card - B1A4 Hishiko MYSHishiko Aug.30.2012 10:20PM
the shirt is nice!


Laura ☆ ESPLaura ☆ Aug.31.2012 12:49PM
yeah! I think so too ^^

SAMii USASAMii Aug.30.2012 08:20PM
cool!!~~ bang yong guk wore it too!


Laura ☆ ESPLaura ☆ Aug.30.2012 09:00PM
Oh really? Thank you ! I didn’t know that ^^

Marina~♥ ESPMarina~♥ Aug.30.2012 08:10PM
One of my fav brand ~~ heheh
This was so cool ! thank you for the info~~
Love Lay so much ♥


Laura ☆ ESPLaura ☆ Aug.30.2012 08:13PM
And how about BIGBANG >_> hummm kk~
Junhyung may look so weird on this brand but still okay, right?
hahaha, thank you for sharing your opinion pretty♥

Marina~♥ ESPMarina~♥ Aug.30.2012 08:15PM
(Es que Junhyung tiene una empanada que lo flipas xDDDDDDDDDD)
BIGBANG is awesome~ And Zelo ♥


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