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PLease read my entry!! :)

Dec.19.2013. 04:11PM

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Hello you guys!! First of all I want to say that I'm glad to be part of Gurupop's family, I just register this week ( I think i was Monday or Tuesday) But thanks to Gurupop I've been able to cath up on the latest news from the hottest groups and debuts to my personal favorites :)

As you may read from the title i would like for people to please read my entry for VIXX if yall have time to spare of course (you can go and check it out in the Guest Book on the VIXX page)

As for whom ever read my entry and want to tell me something that they can relate to or just say something about anything you can post comments down below this ^^

I wish good luck to other people who have enter!!! :) I have found some very fun, neat, and just awesome entries



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Zairara PERZairara Dec.19.2013 05:21PM
Good luck :D


Leo36 USALeo36 Dec.19.2013 07:21PM
Thank you! :D


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  • CyliiNeuH1 hour ago
  • I'm Hyde x.x "Double the trouble ! You're a fallen angel who can be a tad indecisive at times. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun ! In fact while you indecisiveness may have you flipping coins, it often leads you to pick the road not taken, leading to some interesting adventures and future stories to tell"
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  • CyliiNeuH1 hour ago
  • The video was so hard to watch I cried omg poor baby ;-; Even when the staff aided him he nearly fell again, he couldn't stanf properly on his legs T____T Hakyeon reacted fast, all the member must have been so worried ;-;
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  • please be okay leo and ravi
  • CyliiNeuH1 hour ago
  • @Nora Thank you very much !!! it looks cheap, I need to check it more further with the shipping fees and all :DDDDD @Mila Thanks, hopefully I'll get them all *-* I'm getting excited hahahaha @Maiyer I've katalked you ! :) And no, she girl is French u.u @LoreAJLong Awww it's from a friend's friend ? >.< too bad :/ I think that if you want to buy BAP albums for not to expensive, I saw a lot of people selling theirs for not too expensive :) sometimes with photocards, sometimes without them ^^
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  • I got scammed on FB, didn’t get my album :(((((
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