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GOT7 Profiles - Mark, JB, Jackson, Yugyeom

Jan.06.2014. 02:16AM

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I put them all together so it's easier for you guys to see :D




Name: Mark (Mark Yi-En Tuan)

Birthday: Sept. 4, 1993

Height: 175cm

Weight: 59Kg

Education: Arcadia High School, finished 10th grade (in LA, California)

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Skateboarding, snowboarding

Specialty: Martial Arts Tricks King

Ideal Type: A girl who makes him want to be with her

Favorite Food: Hamburgers (*coughinandoutcough*), Meat

Favorite Musicians: Chris Brown, Drake, ASAP Rocky, Tyga

Career: KT Olleh CF (2011)

Mark Says:

Hello.  I am Mark.  I came from Los Angeles in America and am diligently studying Korean.  I may be a ‘baby face,’ but I am the oldest in the group and in charge of flying around and being the foreigner.  Like Kanye West, whom I really like, I want to become a singer, with cool music and stylish fashion, that many people want to emulate, as well as an artist that will lead a generation.  From hereon, look forward to us on stage!



Name: JB (Im Jaebum)

Birthday: Jan 6, 1994

Height: 179cm

Weight: 66Kg

Education: Geunguk University Film Student

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Bus Travel, Watching Movies, Taking Pictures

Specialty: B-Boying

Ideal Type: A girl who catches my attention, cute

Favorite Food: Stew

Favorite Musician: D'angelo


JYPE Audition (2009)

KBS2's Dream High 2 (2012)

JJ Project's Single Album (2012)

MBC's When A Man Falls In Love (2013)

JB Says:

Hello. It’s JB. My real name is Lim Jae Bum. I am the leader and vocalist in the group, and as a bonus, I represent the chic image. ^^ I came in 1st place at the JYP Open Audition in 2009!! I came in that way, went into the public eye before the others did through ‘Dream High 2,’ and released an album under JJ Project for a total of four years of preparation. I hope we become a team that wins until the very end by taking care of one another, helping one another, and leading each other well despite areas that may be lacking. I also hope we get along well like a family all the time! We hope you watch GOT7 closely!


Credit For Trans: Allkpop


Name: Jackson Wang

Birthday: March 28, 1994

Height: 174cm

Weight: 63kg

Education: American International School, Grade 11 finished

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: Dance, Rapping, Beatbox

Specialty: Fencing

Ideal Type: Healthy and Charming Women

Favorite Food: Chocolate, Hamburger, Dim Sum, Carbonara, Chicken

Favorite Musicians: DR. DRE, G-Unit (50 cent & Lloyd Banks)


Hong Kong National Representative Fencer (Sabre)

Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championship 1st Place (2011)

Other Random Facts:

Jackson is from Hong Kong

Yes he knows English, fluently~

Jackson Says:

Hello. It’s Jackson. I rap in the team, and am also responsible for martial arts tricking. Before I came to Korea, I was in Hong Kong’s National Fencing Team. I have lived in Korea for 2 and a half years now. I think this is the start to my debut. In the future, I would like to show my true colours through passionate and good music. Anticipate us and thank you for your future love and support. I love you!!

Name: Kim Yugyeom

Birthday: November 17, 1997

Height: 180cm

Weight: 64kg

Education: Attending Hanlim Arts High School, Street Dance Major

Blood Type: A

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing

Specialty: Street Dance

Ideal Type: Clumsy when standing (?) woman

Favorite Food: samgyupsal (pork belly), pot bulgolgi (?), chicken, kimbap

Favorite Musicians: Christ Brown

Career: Adrenaline House Dance Battle 2nd Place (2011)

Yugyeom Says:

Hello! I am Kim Yoogyeom, in charge of dance and vocals and rap and I’m the maknae, although I do not look like I am. I like to dance and am confident in street dance the most. Because of our past trainee life where we shed our sweat and lived together as brothers, we are really happy that we are finally debuting together. Debuting together is a dream; it’s a cliche to say these words so I won’t say them. To the people who’ve supported us, we as a team thank you. In the future I want to always walk in the artist’s path happily and merrily! We will do our best to do everything humbly. Please watch~!^^

Credit For Trans: fuckyeahgot7

Credit for Profiles: Naver Music

Mark And JB Teaser Pics:

Jackson and Yugyeom Teaser Pics:


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Be the Chaser of Infinite - SunggyuBe the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteNight owl IloveHYS USAIloveHYS Jul.21.2014 10:51PM
Mark comes from the States like me!


T.O.P's Fan ClubJB's Fan clubSuho's Fan Club BreeBear♥JB~TOP♥ KORBreeBear♥JB~TOP♥ Jul.21.2014 10:43PM
JBBBBB <3 he likes cute girls...
//tries to be cute// >///////< ~


domonique.welsh1 USAdomonique.welsh1 Jul.21.2014 10:39PM
Where r the rest of them


BIG Fan of Wonder Girls - SoheeBe Like Wonder Girls - Wonder GirlsBIG Fan of Wonder Girls vangpakau USAvangpakau Jan.08.2014 11:21PM
Hi you beautiful hsdudjferugnrkjgkdnjg jkdfngk!!!!

Can’t wait. Jypnationist <3


ETERNITY - HongbinVoodoo Doll - HongbinERROR - Hongbin xiceyx AUSxiceyx Jan.08.2014 11:20PM
wait a minute... I looked at this again


Mark's Fan ClubBIG Fan of GURUPOPMembership Anniversary 2 year Fudgers USAFudgers Jan.09.2014 12:18AM
lmao really? wow

Chen's Fan ClubN.O, Bangtan Boys - SUGAN.O, Bangtan Boys - Jimin RubyNZ NZLRubyNZ Jan.07.2014 10:28PM
omg THAT’S AWESOME!!!! thanks for sharing it !!


Chen's Fan ClubN.O, Bangtan Boys - SUGAN.O, Bangtan Boys - Jimin RubyNZ NZLRubyNZ Jan.07.2014 10:29PM
and mark kinda reminds me of Jin XD

Rome's Fan ClubT.K's Fan ClubKang Jun's Fan Club S P E E D USAS P E E D Jan.07.2014 08:59PM
Really excited!!


Junho's Fan ClubJay Park's Fan ClubDok2's Fan Club k-at-ra.maknae PHLk-at-ra.maknae Jan.07.2014 04:10AM
hwaiting to them!!!
I just notices... JYPE’s rookies had numbers on their group names... 15&, 5Live and now Got7! haha


Be the Chaser of Infinite - SunggyuBe the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteNight owl IloveHYS USAIloveHYS Jan.06.2014 10:41PM
Can’t wait.


Mark's Fan ClubYoon shiyoon's Fan ClubETERNITY - Ravi maychan USAmaychan Jan.06.2014 10:35PM
They all look so cute:D
I’m waiting for their debut.


B1A4's Fan ClubSomething - Sojin longden67 USAlongden67 Jan.06.2014 08:42PM
Mark lived near me... O_O


SHINee's Fan ClubOne Of A Kind, G-Dragon! - 2Stop Girl - Dongho Denise Kang USADenise Kang Jan.06.2014 07:25PM
Can’t wait for their debut! ^^


SHINee's Fan ClubOne Of A Kind, G-Dragon! - 2Stop Girl - Dongho Denise Kang USADenise Kang Jan.06.2014 07:25PM
November 17, 1997...Gahh too close to my age for comfort >.< He’s only my oppa by a few days D: I don’t want to be a noona! >.< lol


Alive Release Card - TaeyangJay Park's Fan ClubJunsu's Fan Club anita16 USAanita16 Jan.06.2014 07:01PM
So waiting for their debut ♡


NILLILI MAMBO - U-KwonBad Boy, 100%!I Got The Feeling, BIGSTAR! Loujayn TKMLoujayn Jan.06.2014 06:35PM
*crazy waiting* D-8


Far away... Young love - RaySnake - Seungjin Mely_Christ9691 MYSMely_Christ9691 Jan.06.2014 06:31PM
if JB is here what about JR??


Mark's Fan ClubBIG Fan of GURUPOPMembership Anniversary 2 year Fudgers USAFudgers Jan.06.2014 06:58PM
They didn’t release his teaser pictures yet~

I Got The Feeling, BIGSTAR!Re-Issue Release Card - Brave GirlsTEEN TOP's Fan Club mryoka KORmryoka Jan.06.2014 06:23PM
like Yugyeom MM


Be the Chaser of Infinite - SunggyuBe the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteBe the Chaser of Infinite - Dongwoo StellyBish BGRStellyBish Jan.06.2014 04:47PM
Aw, JJ Project ;w;
But I’m looking forward to this debut! :)


Monster Release Card - G-DragonMonster Release Card - TaeyangMonster Release Card - Seungri bubblechu BGRbubblechu Jan.06.2014 03:49PM
MARK, MY BABY!!!! <333

Glad that someone finally posted this! :P


Panda Bank USAPanda Bank Jan.06.2014 03:44PM
OMG!!!!!!!!! Yugyeom has the same birthday as me OTL

kdfvldsahkgfsakgsa;jkgdk; kgdjkgcxkjgdlk;mgd;ll;j dlkl ;jf; kj;

He is two years younger though...
I dont even care lol


Girls Generation's Fan ClubJessica's Fan ClubTaeyeon's Fan Club BlackJackBaby CANBlackJackBaby Jan.06.2014 03:44PM
Aghhhhhh cant wait for debut <3


ETERNITY, VIXX!ERROR - VIXXVoodoo Doll, VIXX! horakhty USAhorakhty Jan.06.2014 03:39PM
Happy Birthday JB! So excited for their debut ^-^


BIG Fan of GURUPOPRock Ur Body with VIXXMembership Anniversary 1 year Zairara PERZairara Jan.06.2014 10:41AM
Happy birthdat JB X3


Boy In Luv - Rap MonsterTried to Walk - CNUERROR - Ken BAP_Yessir USABAP_Yessir Jan.06.2014 09:59AM
Yugyeom Is MINE! only a year older than me (YAY!!!) He likes girls who are clumsy when standing?? OMO Just marry me already:)


Mark's Fan ClubBIG Fan of GURUPOPMembership Anniversary 2 year Fudgers USAFudgers Jan.06.2014 03:20PM

Yoon Mirae's Fan ClubNILLILI MAMBO - ZicoETERNITY - N Zico-Biased USAZico-Biased Jan.06.2014 09:55AM


Seungho's Fan ClubFar away... Young love - RomeFar away... Young love - Kangjun Jumana~☆ KWTJumana~☆ Jan.06.2014 09:46AM
mark *0*



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