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The moment when my sister embarrasses me >_<

Jan.06.2014. 09:48PM

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Alright, so i was going out for dinner for my older sister's birthday with my mum and jeez (-_-) she would just embarrass the heck out of me >_< while we were walking, she started to sing Happy birthday and did a little dance, i had to stop, then continue to walk behind her...After dinner she did the same but a bit louder and some people were looking that's when i got really embarrased and annoyed, 

and when a short tempered sister is angry with the annoying one.....its going to end in a noisy way


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Zairara PERZairara Jan.08.2014 09:18PM
hahahahaha omg xD


winx08 INDwinx08 Jan.07.2014 03:00PM
that’s really sweet of her ^_^


Alexik ROUAlexik Jan.07.2014 02:53PM
cutee xD


Watashi wa Pikachu HRVWatashi wa Pikachu Jan.07.2014 08:57AM
Awww :/


CrzTeNah USACrzTeNah Jan.06.2014 09:58PM
hahahahaha my sister and 2 brothers do that to me all the time lol


AnnieLovesYou2014 AUSAnnieLovesYou2014 Jan.06.2014 10:08PM
ahahaha, really? siblings are so embarrassing :O

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LMAO! well, you could always just think about kpop songs and hum in your head to block out that sister? :>


AnnieLovesYou2014 AUSAnnieLovesYou2014 Jan.06.2014 10:08PM
I was actually trying but it just didn’t came up so i was like noooo! >.<


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