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GOT7 Profiles - Jr., BamBam, Youngjae

Jan.07.2014. 10:47PM

BIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.BIG Fan of JJ Project - JJ ProjectBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR. 2

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Name: Jr. [Junior] (Park Jin Young)

Birthday: Sept. 22, 1994

Height: 178cm

Weight: 63Kg

Education: Graduated Kyunggi High School

Blood Type: O

Hobbies: movies, theater, taking walks, piano

Specialty: Dance

Ideal Type: A girl who shows her teeth when she smiles and who trusts him

Favorite Food: Hamburger, pizza, Meat

Favorite Musicians: Usher, Justin Timberlake, Michael Buble


JYPE Audition (2009)

KBS2's Dream High 2 (2012)

JJ Project's Single Album (2012)

MBC's When A Man Falls In Love (2013)

Jr. Says:

Hello, I am GOT7’s Jr(Park Jinyoung). When I was in JJ Project i was in charge of rap and cuteness, but in the current team i am in charge of dancing and singing. I’m also in charge of giving energy to our team. It is starting now. I am the endlessly running Junior! Look forward to it!

Name: BamBam (Kunpimook Bhuwakul)

Birthday: May 2, 1997

Height: 170cm

Weight: 52Kg

Education: Attending Pramoch Wittaya Ramindra School 

Blood Type: B

Hobbies: Listening to Music

Specialty: Dance

Ideal Type: Girls with pretty smiles

Favorite Food: Hamburger, tomyumkoong (Thai Food)

Favorite Musicians: GD


Rain Cover Dance Competition in Thailand 1st Place (2007)

LG Entertainer, Thailand (2010)

KFC CF (2010)

Ohwantin Milk CF, Thailand (2011)

Fairytale Killer, Hong Kong Movie (2012)

Other Facts:

- BamBam is Thai (if you couldn't guess already xD)

- HUGE!!! SNSD Taeyeon fanboy... just look at the kid's comments he leaves on her instagram

BamBam Says:

Hello.  I am BamBam who wants to become a world star like Rain sunbaenim. I am in charge of the rap in my team. I also think that I am the cutest member in my team.^^ It feels like a dream to be able to make my debut. I will show a hard-working image. GOT7 hwaiting~!!

Name: Choi Youngjae

Birthday: Sept. 17, 1996

Height: 175cm

Weight: 59Kg

Education: Attending Seoul Arts High School 

Blood Type: B

Hobbies: Piano

Specialty: Dance

Ideal Type: "The Girl I like" (I have no idea what that means)

Favorite Food: Everything, except cucumbers

Favorite Musicians: Elliot Yamin, Javier 

Career:  -None- (obviously... he's the mysterious 7th member here LOL)

Youngjae Says:

 Hi, I’m Choi Youngjae from Mokpo. I’m the team’s powerful! vocalist.I came to JYP seven months ago and I was the last member to join the team. To debut was a dream and now that it has become a reality, I’m really glad. Now that we are starting, my dream is to become gifted in the future for the sake of GOT7. Fighting!

Credit For Trans: fivelive-gotseven

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GOT7 Mini Album Tracklist:












But anyways~

I know you guys are probably wondering about the fanclubs right?



I kinda wanna wait until the MV comes out tho...

That way I can write what each member does and stuff ^^

Hope you guys can wait until then~


If you have any other questions feel free to ask!!


Some General Information:

- GOT7 MV comes out Jan 15th

- GOT7 debut stage is Jan 16th on MCountdown

- GOT7 Garage Showcase is Jan 20th, it will be streamed live

- JJ Project will probably be a subunit.

- 5LIVE members are Park Jaehyung, Brian Kang, Kim Wonpil, Sungjin, and Junhyuk

- 5LIVE is rumored to debut April, so wait until then okay? ^^


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jenny.me07 PHLjenny.me07 Jan.19.2014 12:57PM
wahh.... jb and jr... i’ve watched them at dream high 2.. they’re all good looking.. ok my bias list is wrecked again...hahaha


LoveExoVIXX MYSLoveExoVIXX Jan.14.2014 09:21AM
I can guest BAMBA name meanings.......Cause I’m a mix bloo chld..(Chinese + Siam)


Zairara PERZairara Jan.08.2014 10:10PM
They look cute >w<!!


B1A4 - Baby I'm sorryBIGBANG - Bad BoyBIGBANG - Fantastic Baby Rosandy CANRosandy Jan.08.2014 09:48PM
They are all too good-looking..I feel like my bias list will be wrecked soon haha :D


Denise Kang USADenise Kang Jan.08.2014 06:17PM
Can’t wait!!! <3


PandaMatoKPOP USAPandaMatoKPOP Jan.08.2014 05:29PM
They’re young compared to other idols 0.0
And I think Baekhyun has some comp. XD


GOT7's Fan ClubBoy In Luv, Bangtan Boys!Just One Day, BTS! Lucy77 HRVLucy77 Jan.08.2014 04:17PM
Oh God, people my age already started debuting >.<
I can’t wait for their debut! ^__^


Boy In Luv - VL's Fan ClubDaebak Date with Dae Hyun lotus1 DEUlotus1 Jan.08.2014 04:13PM
so young o.o


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JB2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - navajaneBIG Fan of JJ Project - JB 2 navajane USAnavajane Jan.08.2014 02:25PM
they are so young, oh... XD


StellyBish BGRStellyBish Jan.08.2014 01:38PM
So excited for their debut! <3


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.BIG Fan of JJ Project - JJ ProjectBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR. 2 Fudgers USAFudgers Jan.08.2014 01:28PM
Okay I replied to some of your comments xD


KawaiiAmber USAKawaiiAmber Jan.08.2014 12:20PM
Geez~ BamBam’s only a year older than my sister... god I feel so old.. (>u<)


Lucky Visitor 1stBIG Fan of GURUPOPYou are so sweet! DiegoM BRADiegoM Jan.08.2014 11:52AM
So, there’s no JJ Project anymore? D=


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.BIG Fan of JJ Project - JJ ProjectBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR. 2 Fudgers USAFudgers Jan.08.2014 01:28PM
Not for right now.
I think it’s going to be a sub-unit.
It was a project from the beginning and I think JB and Jr just got to debut earlier than the other members :]

queenGabb PHLqueenGabb Jan.08.2014 09:20AM
I got the logic why Jr is named JR. its because of JYP as his senior!! XD


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.BIG Fan of JJ Project - JJ ProjectBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR. 2 Fudgers USAFudgers Jan.08.2014 01:27PM
Yup. He’s junior.
Be careful to not spell it as JR though since it can be confused with NU’EST JR.
Just write it as Jr. :]

queenGabb PHLqueenGabb Jan.08.2014 09:20AM
I wonder is bambam still has braces because he cover his mouth XD...


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.BIG Fan of JJ Project - JJ ProjectBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR. 2 Fudgers USAFudgers Jan.08.2014 01:26PM
If you followed him on instagram, he got his braces removed 2 months ago :]

queenGabb PHLqueenGabb Jan.08.2014 09:18AM
finally BAM BAM!!!!


Mely_Christ9691 MYSMely_Christ9691 Jan.08.2014 07:13AM
so there is JR~
Thai-Kor group~ >.<


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.BIG Fan of JJ Project - JJ ProjectBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR. 2 Fudgers USAFudgers Jan.08.2014 01:25PM
Thai-Korean-Chinese-Taiwanese group :D

Loujayn TKMLoujayn Jan.08.2014 06:40AM
wahhhhh!!! D-6


k-at-ra.maknae PHLk-at-ra.maknae Jan.08.2014 05:54AM
Another Thai in kpop!!!! :D

"The Girl I like" ooohhh. I can smell someone’s in a relationship or courting stage? hehe


JemimaKim MYSJemimaKim Jan.08.2014 03:58AM
omg even a Thai inside the group? No wonder I’m starting to like Thai movies lately. It might have been a sign. LOLOL.
anyway,nooo I’m starting to become a noona for those kpop idols. T_T
can’t wait for their debut anyway! :D


seungshik USAseungshik Jan.08.2014 12:31AM
BamBam is only about 10 months older than me and yoogyeom is older than me by like 4 months wow I’m glad jj project is finally going to make their official debut


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.BIG Fan of JJ Project - JJ ProjectBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR. 2 Fudgers USAFudgers Jan.08.2014 12:35AM
omfg you’re so young @_@

BIGBANG - BlueJaejoong's Fan ClubBIGBANG - Fantastic Baby MaiyerChang UKRMaiyerChang Jan.08.2014 12:29AM
I can’t wait. Maybe the only one I know is Brian so thats why. Im looking for JYP rookies idols more then any other..ahaha can’t wait.


BIGBANG - BlueJaejoong's Fan ClubBIGBANG - Fantastic Baby MaiyerChang UKRMaiyerChang Jan.08.2014 12:23AM
Not empress, was waiting for Brian and *boom* he’ll be in 5Live. Like ahhahaha wfh, hurry jyp release 5Live as well. Im hoping 5Live will be your secret weapon. Btw I hope jyp doesn’t make 5Live and Got7 the same way promotion as 2pm and 2am. You see 2pm promote more then 2am. I hopt its not like that.


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.BIG Fan of JJ Project - JJ ProjectBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR. 2 Fudgers USAFudgers Jan.08.2014 12:26AM
Well... not really lmao.
It looks like 2pm promotes more but actually 2am and 2pm promote about the same amount.
I’m sure GOT7 and 5Live will promote equally
Plus JYPE plans to debut a girl group too this year
so there’s going to be a lot of shizz going on

Rock Ur Body - LEODaily Check-inBoy In Luv - Jungkook BanaVivianaGongchan USABanaVivianaGongchan Jan.07.2014 11:53PM
wow two youngjaes



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