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Winners of F.cuz’s Quest!

May.14.2014. 03:22AM

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Prize Winners for F.cuz's Quest!

Rasmus Winner of Mission 1
Fudgers Winner of Mission 1




For international delivery, GURUPOP covers all of the delivery cost. However, the receiver's local custom tax imposed by the local government cannot be coverd by GURUPOP. It has been no problem for our delivery since we send our prizes as 'gifts' with no commercial purpose. However, in these days some European nations such as Italy, Spain and Portugal are imposing custom tax of 40 EURO to every incoming goods. In case of Italy, the tax is imposed for goods over 22 EURO including the delivery cost. However, since the international delivery cost is well over 22 EURO, essetially every international gift is getting taxed. Please note that upon the delivery, the tax may be imposed by your local government's custom authority.

Congratulations winners! Please check your e-mails and reply us back with your shipping
informations asap!

Thank you all for participating GURUPOP event we sincerely appreciate your effort and support!



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  • ♥Dinadj96♥2 days ago
  • When i read the title of the post i got so excited i thought They made new event cards but i did have 30% doubt that It was not ... I got so depressed! A long deep sigh with sad eyes :(!
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