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GURUPOP’s Quest with VIXX!

Oct.14.2014. 04:32AM

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You can join the fan club from the link below!



VIXX's Fan Club





We will wait for your active participation and hope you enjoy the event as much as we do!


*Before you participate, please read the notices below! :)

1. If you live where the international delivery is limited (due to the warfare or the trade regulation)

the prize delivery can be limited!

2. If you win multiple prizes from a same event, you can choose your favorite one to receive!

Please give other K-pop fans a chance to win a prize too!

3. In similar idea, if you have already won an event within last two weeks, the ones who have not

received the prize before will be considered first. Please understand that we would like to

distribute the prize to as many K-pop fans as we can!

4. We want true K-pop fans to get our prizes! If anyone wins the prize for commercial purpose,

the prize may not be delivered.

5. We want a fair game! If anyone wins the prize in illegal or inappropriate way, the prize may not

be delivered.

6. We want you to support our K-pop stars! Please join GURUPOP fan club of the corresponding

K-pop stars of the event in order to be considered as a candidate of the prize winners!


Please click on the images below to participate!



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