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I really want to win this, please(Quest)

Sep.17.2012. 02:55PM

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My name is Ella and I live in the North of Sweden. I wanted to be aprt of this competition because I really love, adore and respect the group B.A.P. Their music really speaks to me and I can relate well to the lyrics. Especially Bang&Zelo's "Never Give up" that describes the hardships of school, and love as well. 


I am a B2UTY, so when I heard that Yang Yoseob was going to collaborate with Bang Yongguk[I had no idea who he was at that moment] I grew intrested. When I later heard the song, I fell in love with it's beat. The piano part, mixed with the heavy beat when Yongguk raps..I just fell in love instantly. Then when I saw the translation, I fell even more in love. The lyrics are deep, meaningful and just plain beautiful. 

Later on, I found out about a collab between Song Jieun from Secret, and Bang Yongguk as well. I listened to the song and grew attached to that one as well. The lyrics are a bit creepy, but Yongguk and Jieun sings and raps with so much emotion you can't help but to love it. 

A few months later, Yongguk and Zelo released "Never give up." Since I knew Yongguk from earlier, I was curious about the song. I listened to it, and watched the MV and I fell in love. (How surprising.) Zelo's rapping skillz were amazing, Yongguk's as well. When I then found out that he was born 1996 I almost fell off my chair. Like, he doesn't look so young! He's only one year older than me, wow. 

Flashing forward, I heard that both Yongguk and Zelo were going to debut with as a group, along with four other boys. I grew exicted at once. 

Their debut came and I heard 'Warrior'. The lyrics are about the cruelty of society and I just kdkhfdf. I LOVE IT. Zelo and Yongguk's awesome rapping, Jonggup's dancing, Himchan's deep and masculine voice, Daehyun and Youngjae's incredible voices, all of them match really well and it wouldn't be B.A.P if someone of them was left out. 

I really want to win this date competition because I really want to meet them and thank them for making amazing music. They've really inspired me. The lyrics to 'Voicemail' are incredible and I really want to show my appreciation to Yongguk, for writing that song. 

And I also want to know how all of them are off-camera. I want to see their personalities, laugh with them. Because they really seem like fun guys to hang out with. 

I wanted to make a board or a video about this, but my english's not very good and I would only sound annoying and overly-attached. And I have no painting skills whatsoever, so drawing something wouldn't be an option either. 

I know this note(or whatever) may seem lame, but I saw this as my only chance to maybe meet these boys personally. And I know that the chances of doing so, may be really small, but I still want to hope. 


I don't really know what to write next. Only that I Really love these boys. Words can't describe. And I don't love them in an overly attached way, I love them like brothers. Even though I've never seen them in person, I feel like all of them have that one thing that just can't make me not love them. That doesn't make sense, does it? 

Aigoo, I just hope you pick me, because these boys means the world to me! 

Much love from Sweden! /Ella

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  • ElissaEtc32 mins ago
  • in my opinion, its very true that companies make the idols do too much kinda stuff and that makes fans create some anormal illusions, fantasies about meeting their idols and make them their bfs and what not..if u really like idols u can do that ofc but NOT by stalking cuz obviously sasaengs = big stalkers, but by being unharmful and supporting them, having some respect towards them. there is a red line limit here that if u cross it..its just bad for those kind of 'fans', they start to have a weird & obsessive personality and no one will wanna be around them lol except others that do this kind of stuff. i am advising sasaengs to just live a normal life & get a fricking boyfriend/girlfriend LOL i wish companies would let their idols date freely, maybe there will be less of those psychos
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