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B1A4 Takes 1st Win For “A Lie” On Last “The Show” Broadcast Of 2016

Dec.06.2016. 12:21PM

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B1A4 took their very first win for “A Lie” from their third studio album “Good Timing” on the December 6 episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show.”

B1A4, gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, and Jung Seung Hwan were nominated for first place, with B1A4 coming out on top with 7732 points. Kim Sejeong logged 6131 points while Jung Seung Hwan recorded 6308 points.


The members of B1A4 thanked their parents and their fans who waited patiently for over a year, and said, “We don’t take this for granted. We were able to receive this award because of everyone’s support.”

Check out their performance, win, and encore!



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Woohoo~! I love the performance, the encore... EVERYTHING! KALHDFKLHALSKDHFLKAHSDLKFHLKASDF B1A4! Totally makes my life way more happier! ^^ B1A4, supporting forever and always!





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Great! =)



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