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B1A4’s Jinyoung says he wants to make songs for these girl groups

Dec.06.2016. 01:42PM

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B1A4 sat at 'Tei's Dreaming Radio' on December 6.


During the 'Yes or No' corner, DJ Tei asked Jinyoung, "Is there a girl group these days you want to give a song to?" He has created awesome melodies for girl groups in the past!


Tei asked, "Which girl group is it? If you reveal for sure that there is no ulterior motive." Jinyoung replied, "I want to try a different style and genre from the girl groups I've worked with so far: IOI and Oh My Girl.  If I had the chance, I want to make a song for TWICE and G-Friend."


He was requested to leave a video message for the two groups. He said, "I'm greatly enjoying your performances.  Later, if given the chance, I'd like for us to work together." Tei queried, "If you work with them later, would it be for free?" and Jinyoung replied, "I'd accept a reasonable price for the song, but free..."


Sandeul joked, "Conscientiously that's a bit..." Jinyoung concluded, "But [fees] and stuff aren't that important."

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LMAO! At the ending! XD OMO! JINYOUNG~ composed great songs for girl groups and I wanna hear more composing from JINYOUNG~-love! B1A4, supporting! Saranghae JINYOUNG~! FOREVER!


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SuperJunior's Fan ClubAlive Release Card - BIGBANGSuper Junior M's Fan Club adrymx MEXadrymx Dec.07.2016 02:32AM
Nice! =)


Be the Chaser of Infinite - InfiniteGURUPOP Show EP5 from CheondungSadness Release Card - Hyoseok mae_gamz PHLmae_gamz Dec.06.2016 08:45PM
Woah..... I feel down, I didnt even know he do compose song.... 😭😭😭..................

I hope next year I can have more time to Fangirl!!!


Never Ever, Jiyeon - 1SuperJunior's Fan ClubGirls Generation's Fan Club szewwy USAszewwy Dec.06.2016 08:39PM
That’s cool I really hope he’s able to work with them :).



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