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Event 1, Extra Game: Idol is 뭔들

Dec.07.2016. 01:30AM

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For this extra game, please POP (if possible) and please provide the link of your post in the comments section, and points depend on how popular your post is, can be in terms of POPs or comments. (:



It can be about any idol/actors/actress.




For me, from my second game, many didn't recognise my baby Mina's abs, so, today, I shall teach you guys about it...



Many know about Momo's abs, but not Mina's.. Yes, she has them!! XDD




See??! Damn, in our fandom, we call Mina's abs, 'The Abs of Justice'!


Somi has them too, Taekwondo girl.  /Whhoooo/


Anyways, I'm just a little too obsessed with Mina... 



Sidenote: Jihyo has abs too... *^*




Now that I'm done, I hope you guys know a little more about Mina and her abs.


You all can take this as a reference (not), and make one with idols that you like, of course, you can make more than 1. Like as many as you like...



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