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B1A4’s Jinyoung Reveals The Meaning Behind “A Lie”

Dec.07.2016. 11:03PM

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Apparently there are things about B1A4’s Jinyoung that even his fellow members don’t know about!

The idol group recently appeared on the morning show “Music Bank Stardust 2” to promote their latest single “A Lie.” During the show, Jinyoung, who wrote the song himself, began talking about the story behind it.

“‘A Lie’ is about having to unwillingly send away someone you love, while knowing inside your heart that it’s a lie,” he explained, which prompted a reaction out of fellow member Sandeul.

“This song reflects Jinyoung’s experience. Love songs are almost always from someone’s experiences,” Sandeul commented, before chiding Jinyoung with a few hilariously personal questions. “How many relationships have you been in? Who did you lie to like this?”

Jinyoung defended himself in a panic and said that he doesn’t have a lot of love experience, and that the song was inspired by the sad, mournful memories that inevitably happen in one’s love life.

B1A4 released “A Lie” on November 28, which recently earned its first win on MTV’s “The Show” this week.

What do you think of Jinyoung’s answer?

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OMO! T_T JINYOUNG~! I would love you forever! JINYOUNG~, saranghae! Don't panic 'cause I know that everyone has something like that done to them... JINYOUNG~, forever in my heart.


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Sleep Talking - JRTried to Walk - BaroNever Ever, Jiyeon - 2 yoorin hana MYSyoorin hana Dec.10.2016 12:02AM
It is a great song from Jinyoung


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Aww I love you Jinyoungie! <33



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