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B1A4 Members Share What Makes Them the Happiest

Dec.07.2016. 11:06PM

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Idol group B1A4′s Baro has caused laughter after sharing that his happiest moment is when "It gets deposited."

On December 7, B1A4 appeared as guests on SBS PowerFM radio program Kim Chang Yeol′s Old School to introduce their newly released 3rd studio album.

B1A4 Members Share What Makes Them the Happiest

During the episode, Baro was asked what his happiest moment is and answered, "When our pay is calculated every 3 months, when it gets deposited it. That′s when I′m the happiest."

He continued, "Also, I′m happiest when I get recognized after working hard. Recently, I went on a diet for our comeback and it makes me happy when I hear that I got more handsome. I also get happy when people say that my hair style suits me after I get it colored."

Additionally, Jin Young also shared, "When the results of my acting and composed songs are good, I feel happy. I′m just happy at this moment."

Meanwhile, B1A4 released their 3rd studio album Good Timing on November 28. Title track A Lie is a house track that was composed and written by Jin Young.

Photo credit: SBS radio ′Kim Chang Yeol Old School′





OMO! I'll always be happy when B1A4 are being mentioned! I'm happy to see B1A4 in February! (*v*) JINYOUNG~, please return my affections. >////< B1A4, supporting forever and always!





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Never Ever, Jiyeon - 1SuperJunior's Fan ClubGirls Generation's Fan Club szewwy USAszewwy Dec.08.2016 08:14PM
awe <3


Sleep Talking - JRTried to Walk - BaroNever Ever, Jiyeon - 2 yoorin hana MYSyoorin hana Dec.08.2016 06:19AM
I’m glad that everyone are happy



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