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Dec.09.2016. 02:27AM

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161205 Baro Fancafe post

[I’m Baro] Good morning

Came out of the house in the morning
It was raining and very cold
Did you all dress warmly for today?
The cold is common nowadays, lots of people are sick
You should all be careful to avoid catching a cold.
I’m getting ready to go to SimplyKPop^^
It’ll be a tough day but listen to our music and have strength
And don’t skip any meals~~~~!!


161204 Jinyoung Fancafe post

And to BBANAs who support us greatly from afar

Love you and thank you~~♥
Let’s meet one day and have fun together~^^
I can really feel your support from far away!^^
I’ll keep working hard to show you a good image
Love you♥♥


161204 Jinyoung Fancafe post

[I’m Jinyoung] BBANA-ya~

Already it’s the concluding day of the week of our comeback..
Time flew by too quickly ㅜ
TheSHOW, Show Champion, our fansign, Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo
To BANAs who came, thank you very very much
Some BANAs came super early in the morning, I was touched seeing you ㅜ ㅜ
When I see BANAs I want to persevere a little bit more and show you more
You know how we feel right??
Thank you so so much, and for our remaining activities
Let’s go through them together with fun and enjoyment!!♥
Love you♥♥


161204 Sandeul Fancafe post

[I’m Sandeul] Hi?

I’m Sandori~
You were cold today right?ㅠ
Thinking of our BANAs shivering out in the cold, my heart rips…ㅠ
However… today as well, I felt great healing because of you♡
I always say this but thank you♡♡
If you receive our love, you can pass this winter warmly too right??
Thank you, love you, be happy BANA~♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


61204 Baro Fancafe post

[I’m Baro] Aigoo ㅜㅜ

Our BANAs, for staying up all night and waiting in the cold in the early morning for our recording, thank you so much. And to BANAs who couldn’t come, thank you for cheering for us from afar. I wish we could do something for you…… ㅜ ㅜ we’ll do better to reach higher and will call 100 coffee cars for you!!
You’ve all worked hard, go home and rest!!!!
Because of your support today I have overwhelming energy even at this late time!
Thank you~~~~~!!!!


161204 CNU Fancafe post

[I’m CNU] BANAs~

Thank you so much to BANAs who came to the early morning Inkigayo recording today! Because of you I was able to have more strength and put on a better performance! I’m happy because of BANAs. It’s cold so be careful of a cold, dress warmly, and eat well too. Don’t eat too much cold food, and when you’re tired listen to your oppas’ music! Alright? 


161029 CNU Fancafe post


BANAs, hi?
Today we sang without Sandeullie. It felt a bit empty. As expected, I felt once again that B1A4 must not lose even one person.
-From CNU-

Source: Fancafe
Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
Please remove all translations with full credits to source and




I love the photos! (*v*) Wah~! B1A4, supporting forever and always! I should try to remember my password for my daum account for B1A4. OTL Too many passwords in my mind! @_@





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