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B1A4 members reveal what they would do if their girlfriends were unhappy with them

Dec.09.2016. 03:26PM

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B1A4 gave honest answers on what they would do in a difficult relationship situation. 


On the December 8 airing of 'Ji Suk Jin's 2 o'clock Date,' B1A4 was asked about how they would handle a girlfriend who is struggling because of them. 


Ji Suk Jin asked the B1A4 members, "What would you do if the woman you love is having a difficult time because of you?" Baro answered, "I will try to talk it out and not let her go easily. But if she wants to leave me, then I don't think I will love her that much anymore." 


Sandeul responded, "Isn't it because of me that the girl is struggling? I would try to change myself, but if she doesn't want my effort, then I would say, bye." 


CNU's answer was a little different. He said, "I think I will wait for her. Even if it takes a long time, I will wait for her until she changes her mind." Gongchan's answer? "I think my feelings for her will disappear. If she stops loving me, I think I'll grow to not like her," he said.

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I want to know what JINYOUNG~'s answer is! T_T OMO! Probably write a song about it. *giggles* JINYOUNG~, saranghae! B1A4 are just so... I hope they never change!





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Thanks for sharing!


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I liked CNU’s answer.. But all of their answers are sad T.T



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