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9 Ways School Would Be Different If K-Pop Idols Were Your Classmates

Dec.09.2016. 04:00PM

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EXO Next Door

t’s never easy to crawl out of bed, stop hitting snooze on your alarm clock, and get ready for class in the morning. Believe me. I know. But what if going to class meant you got to spend an entire day with K-pop idols as your classmates? Imagine all the craziness (and hilarity) that would be bound to ensue.

Do you think you could survive a school day with idol classmates? Check out just a few of the ways an average school day would be different below!

1. You’d be the first one to class. Always.

EXO Kyungsoo

Who needs caffeine to wake you up when you have an 8 a.m. class full of idols? You’d be running to class every day — soaking up every minute of your time with your new idol classmates.

2. …But you’d never get any work done.

hi suhyun

Yes, you’d manage to make it to class on time. But who can really focus on anything the teacher is saying when you’re literally in a class full of idols? You’d be way too distracted to take notes.

3. The hallway would be your runway.

miss A

You would be the honorary member of whatever idol group you wanted, and no one could take their eyes off you the moment you enter the room.

4. And your crush(es) would serenade you between every class.


You might’ve complained about all members of an idol group being in love with the same person in their music videos, but when that person is you? It’s not so bad.

5. You’d learn three languages, a dance, and try 10 new foods all by lunch.

Jackson GOT7

Talk about immersive! You’d never need another foreign language class ever again once you spend lunch with multilingual idols like GOT7’s Jackson, TWICE’s Mina, or Wonder Girls’ Hyerim.
BTS Eat Jin

And while you’re learning, your idol classmate BTS’s Jin is sharing all the cool and new food he’s brought for lunch. Which, by the way, is most likely delicious. 


You’d end up burning it all off  in no time when EXO members shimmy over to teach you their new dance moves.

6. Even the most boring class would be entertaining.


There’s never a dull moment when you’re around idols, and this is especially true when they’re your classmates. You’d always have friends to talk to, pranks to laugh at, and an idol classmate to pass notes with to keep you entertained.

7. Somehow, you’d be in all the after-school clubs and sports. 


You’d be cheerleading with TWICE at all the football games on Monday…


…in the locker room prepping for basketball games with iKON on Tuesday…


…trying to harmonize with MAMAMOO at choir rehearsal on Wednesday…

Ladies Code

…brushing up your art skills with Ladies’ Code in art club on Thursday…


And banging up drums with CNBLUE for band practice on Friday.

You’d be the poster child for multi-tasking. Who needs to watch idols online when you can stand alongside them?

8. But you’d have a super smart idol study group to keep you focused.

Rap Monster

You’d have a lot on your plate, but genius idol classmates like EXID’s Hani and BTS’s Rap Monster would catch you up to speed on everything you missed in class. With color-coded and highlighted notes.

9. And a tight-knit idol friend group to get you through the day.


School is rough. And a full day of it, plus extracurriculars, homework, and studying can definitely take its toll. Luckily, you’d have a ton of new idol best friends to keep you sane. And it’d surely make getting through the week just a little bit easier.

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OMO! I would just die if B1A4's JINYOUNG~ serenaded me! XP That would be awesome to have a school with idols and fans together! ;)


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MBLAQ's Fan ClubDaebak Date with B.A.PJay Park's Fan Club LoreAJLong MEXLoreAJLong Dec.16.2016 03:11PM
That would be sooooo great!!!
But I have heard that some idols have problems in school because they are idols....weird right?


SuperJunior's Fan ClubAlive Release Card - BIGBANGSuper Junior M's Fan Club adrymx MEXadrymx Dec.13.2016 12:12AM
It would be great! =)


Daily Check-inMembership Anniversary 2 yearDaily Check-in ♥Dinadj96♥ JOR♥Dinadj96♥ Dec.12.2016 01:02AM
I wanna go to that school and NEVER graduate!! XD



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