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B1A4’s Sandeul And Baro Don’t Hold Back When Asked About What Makes “Perfect Jinyoung” Human

Dec.11.2016. 05:22PM

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Baro Sandeul

During the December 11 episode of MBC’s “Secretly Greatly,” B1A4’s Baro and Sandeul plotted to scare their fellow member Jinyoung to see how long he can stay calm and steady.

When asked about Jinyoung and if there was anything that goes against his “princely image,” Baro started off, “He’s horrible with directions, and he has a lot of fears.”

Sandeul revealed that Jinyoung also often falls prey to sleep paralysis, and has even been temporarily paralyzed seven times in one night. There’s an old wives’ tale that many believe that sleep paralysis means one is being haunted by demons and ghosts.

“So, he’s particularly afraid of ghosts,” they confirmed, and began to plan their ultimate prank.

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*giggles* BaDeul against JINYOUNG~?! OMO! Poor JINYOUNG~! But glad that they have fun! ^^ JINYOUNG~, I still love you!





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@Dinadj96 -> yes! they did! ^^ you can find the episode on Viki! =D


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Did they film the prank?



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