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Oh My Girl’s Agency Releases Official Update On Member JinE’s Health

Dec.12.2016. 12:23PM

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Oh My Girl’s agency WM Entertainment recently gave an official update on member JinE.

On December 12, WM Entertainment gave an update on JinE’s health on Oh My Girl’s official fan cafe, saying, “For many of you who are worried about JinE, she is currently staying with her parents back at home, and is focusing on regaining her health. She is concentrating on getting treatment. Please continue to support her so that she returns with a much healthier image.”

The Oh My Girl member had previously revealed that she was taking a break from activities after being diagnosed with anorexia. Since then, the agency has given an update on JinE’s condition, with this update being the most recent.

Hopefully she recovers soon!

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JinE! Fighting! T_T OMO! I hope she will recovers!


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