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Who’s next for HELLO BABY SEASON 7!!??

Oct.09.2012. 09:48AM

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Oct.09.2012 08:00PM ~ Oct.14.2012 11:59PM

Vote Result

DALMATIAN (Inati appa,Simon appa,Dari appa,Jeesu appa & Youngwon appa) 25%
BTOB (Eunkwang appa,Minhyuk appa,Hyunsik appa,Ilhoon appa,Changsub appa,Peniel appa&Sungjae appa) 9%
B2ST (Doojoon appa,Junhyung appa,Hyunseung appa,Yoseop appa,Kikwang appa&Dongwoon appa) 11%
ZE:A (JunYoung appa,Kwanghee appa,Kevin appa,Heechul appa,Taehun appa,Minwoo appa,Hyunsik appa,Siwan appa&Dongjun appa) 5%
NU'EST (JR appa,Baekho appa,Aron appa,Minhyun appa & Ren appa) 4%
VIXX (N appa,Leo appa,Ken appa,Ravi appa,Hong Bin appa&Hyuk appa) 5%
B.A.P (Yong Guk appa,Himchan appa,Daehyun appa,Youngjae appa,JongUp appa&Zelo appa) 41%
A-JAX (Hyeongkon appa,Jaehyung appa,Hyojun appa,Yunyoung appa,Sungmin appa,Seungjin appa&Seung Yub appa) 0%

Ok, since B1A4 Hello Baby Season 6 has ended (cryingggg..), let's take a vote for the new appa for Hello Baby Season 7^_^ Who would u guys love to see on the next season & why??? Who would be the best APPA among them?? hehe Have fun ya..!! These appa's are so cute..AND DON'T FORGET TO POP OK!!^_^

    APPA, ILIWA!!! ^_^


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Victoria's Fan Clubf(x)'s Fan ClubKrystal's Fan Club BunnysarepuffyB.A.P USABunnysarepuffyB.A.P Sep.16.2014 11:25AM
I don’t know


Katye MEXKatye Jul.27.2013 09:23PM
its not an option up there but ohhhh how i’d love to see exo being awkward- taking care of a baby x)


Nguyenie USANguyenie Jul.27.2013 09:15PM
I wanted B2ST but their not doing so well, But B.A.P or NU’EST


BTOB Or Nu’est <33


YEUNAi SAUYEUNAi Jun.09.2013 05:27AM
I think btob will be so fun with them I’m so exited


Nameiizy THANameiizy Dec.25.2012 09:18AM
infinite infinite infinite!!!!


adi.barry.1 IRLadi.barry.1 Dec.08.2012 10:44AM


Jane Tran VNMJane Tran Dec.02.2012 01:43AM
Infinite :((((


rhitz.rhozelth MYSrhitz.rhozelth Nov.17.2012 11:13AM
I want beast and B.A.P to be the next appa! ^^


∞ Aster☆link ∞ USA∞ Aster☆link ∞ Oct.30.2012 05:23PM
I want to see how INFINITE would react when they have to take care of a kid~ ^^


PlayItAgain USAPlayItAgain Oct.30.2012 05:18PM
wouldnt it be himchan umma for BAP ?


Kiyoseob~ USAKiyoseob~ Oct.30.2012 05:15PM


gaonou.lee.96 USAgaonou.lee.96 Oct.30.2012 05:13PM
i want it to be INFINITE :)


ukiss_4eva AUSukiss_4eva Oct.26.2012 05:50AM
B.A.P and also others (U-KISS and INFINITE) ^_^


Be the Chaser of Infinite - SunggyuGURUPOP Show EP12 from T.KBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR. 2 BriDaehyun ♥ MYSBriDaehyun ♥ Oct.15.2012 10:13AM
B.A.P !!


tasyainati MYStasyainati Oct.15.2012 04:02AM
OK, I’ve just email & tweet to KBS World about this poll. So, let’s wait for their reply..hope they consider it..^^ So, the winner goes to:
1. B.A.P appa..
2. Dalmatian appa..
3. B2ST appa..


PlayItAgain USAPlayItAgain Oct.12.2012 10:59PM
SOME DAY I want all the babiies from hello baby to get to gether when they grow up and do a hello baby season...i know its a long ways off but i think it would be awesome.


tasyainati MYStasyainati Oct.12.2012 11:02PM
aaa, so what shinee Onew promise to meet baby yoogeun back when he turns 20^^

2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ IGNITION Release Card - Jinyoung2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Commenter ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ USA♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ Oct.12.2012 11:03PM
awww~! i would gladly see that! =D

PlayItAgain USAPlayItAgain Oct.12.2012 11:13PM
wouldnt it be awesome ?
And minho spent is ....21st? birthday with yoogeun i remember seeing the twitter posts.

PlayItAgain USAPlayItAgain Oct.12.2012 11:14PM
it was his 20th ill make a post and show the pic he posted

tasyainati MYStasyainati Oct.14.2012 08:53AM
daebak! can’t wait to see baby yoogeun again^^

GURUPOP Show EP11 - LamborghiniDaebak Date with B.A.PBIG Fan of GURUPOP Abbie SGPAbbie Oct.12.2012 10:53PM
It should be Himchan omma hahaha~ Actually it’ll be quite cool to see like maybe two groups collaborating for hello baby. Then they can VS each other to get the babies’ love <3 kekeke


tasyainati MYStasyainati Oct.12.2012 10:56PM
that’s a great idea Abbie..nice^^

MaryKLove ITAMaryKLove Oct.12.2012 10:50PM
I voted Dalmatian ^^
but i think they’ll choose a girlgroup for the next season ><


tasyainati MYStasyainati Oct.12.2012 10:56PM
me too^^ best appa? maybe, but I hope will be the guys..

MaryKLove ITAMaryKLove Oct.13.2012 11:15AM
I think Inati, Simon and Daniel would be the best appas :3

tasyainati MYStasyainati Oct.12.2012 10:47PM
Since 2morrow is the last day of this HB S7 poll, I will request it at KBS 2morrow..thx for the votes guys..^^


MichelleHamel ZAFMichelleHamel Oct.11.2012 02:26AM
I choose Dalmation ^^


tasyainati MYStasyainati Oct.12.2012 06:04AM too..the hyungs would be the best appa..^^


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