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신 히라
Apr.30.2012. 09:32AM

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Hello BANA..^^

I would like to ask if u guys had register to official B1A4 website..Is tht website an international ppl can sign up or only Korean ppl?


I had sign up and the approval was pending..idk wht happen..Can anybody tell me?

#or am i doing something wrong? T-T


here the link to see.. :


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신 히라 MYS신 히라 May.01.2012 11:06AM
toinkk toink..~ why the manager like being proud of himself? he shouldn’t piss of by tht..he is manager and know a lot about uri oppa activities.. he should treat fans with care too.. =( neomu neomu selpeun.. =(


JynSha♥ MYSJynSha♥ May.01.2012 10:49AM will be hard..because i remember when B1A4 comeback will be on January..b1a4 manager start to piss of with the fans~..n a few week later b1a4 manager make announcement not to call/ask about it...ah~.i wish i can be one of b1a4 staff so that i can make an official fanclub for international bana...


신 히라 MYS신 히라 May.01.2012 10:41AM
then hw to realise it to become reality?? XD it’s so hard to protect ur fan website from web dangers..unless we r expert~ yeahh!! ^^~

#i love tht suggestion..but where to open it?? any ideas?


Alone Release Card - SistarBIG Fan of KARATHE RETURN Release Card - Shinhwa GurupopPrincess PHLGurupopPrincess May.01.2012 09:37AM
we should open one for all the international fans and write a letter to their CEO to make it a n official one for the international fans..

just a suggestion~


Jinyoung's Fan ClubGurupop's 1st BirthdayKai's Fan Club aiscream0330 USAaiscream0330 Dec.29.2012 01:06PM
yes we should. WAAAH~ I was gonna sign up for the Japanese one cuz the International one didn’t work... Except you need to LIVE there too... TT^TT

신 히라 MYS신 히라 May.01.2012 12:22AM
daum cafe? i heard u need to lvl up before can sent fan letter.. it just so hard.. =="


ArenBana 아렌 INDArenBana 아렌 Apr.30.2012 11:24PM
i got accepted in the Kor site in daum cafe but not there yet :( i applied it since last year...


JeremyMODE ITAJeremyMODE Apr.30.2012 05:15PM
oh, same problem ;w;


JynSha♥ MYSJynSha♥ Apr.30.2012 10:50AM
aw...unnie geurojima... hehehe....


신 히라 MYS신 히라 Apr.30.2012 10:34AM
ahh..geuge geuleohge ibnikka? mianhae~ i’m just getting frustrated..
they should not treat u like tht.. =)

#thank goodness i’m hearing kpop songs nw..cheering me a


JynSha♥ MYSJynSha♥ Apr.30.2012 10:21AM
it’s not like that i think she didnt get my’s ok we juat wait..soon there will be a news for it we just need to wait a bit ^^


신 히라 MYS신 히라 Apr.30.2012 10:16AM
Aigoo..but if she/he is BANA..she/he must help other BANA too..i don’t like selfish ppl..jeongmal silh-eoyo. =/


JynSha♥ MYSJynSha♥ Apr.30.2012 10:04AM
yup..that’s rite...hehe.. some Bana that know much bout this thing..hehe


신 히라 MYS신 히라 Apr.30.2012 10:00AM
aa...i got it.. i had hear it,if we got the membercard we r official BANA and will get info to join promotion activities of’s speciality of membercard..i wish tht..~

@sparklingb1a4 : who is ignore u?


JynSha♥ MYSJynSha♥ Apr.30.2012 09:58AM
of course i will ^^


JemimaKim MYSJemimaKim Apr.30.2012 09:56AM
Ohh okay. If you got info bout this remember to tell me ya :)


JynSha♥ MYSJynSha♥ Apr.30.2012 09:51AM
if they approved you that’s mean you are official bana but maybe only on this become the official one with membercard you have to apply for official ban..and i did ask someone about it but she just ignore me till now... ==’’ huhuhu


JemimaKim MYSJemimaKim Apr.30.2012 09:46AM
If you are approved,then are you an official BANA?
how ah..? I’m quite blur.


JynSha♥ MYSJynSha♥ Apr.30.2012 09:43AM
it’s pending because it’s need WM staff approval~ huhu.. i also havent get in..huhu..i wish that they will open an international bana site soon..and i also want to apply for official bana with official bana membercard~



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