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Block B irritate the public: Do they really know their wrongdoings?

Nov.12.2012. 04:46AM

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What Block B recently said irritated the public.

On November 9, Block B attended an event for the 17th Farmer’s Day. The host of the event said, “We should eat a lot of rice for the farmers. There are bread and pizza made of rice,” but Block B said, “We don’t like pizza made of rice.” Block B attended the event to celebrate the Farmer’s Day, but they rather ruined the event because of what they said.

That wasn’t the first time what Block B said irritated many people. In February this year, Block B’s rude attitude during an interview with a media source in Thailand became a problem. They also caused controversy by saying something that insulted people in Thailand.

After coming back to Korea, Block B apologized for what they said in the interview. Leader Zico shaved his head, regretting the members’ rude behavior.

Block B came out with a new material on October 17. They said, “We regretted a lot while we were doing volunteer work for the last eight months. Feeling sorry for what we’ve done, we worked harder on our new album.”

However, what Block B has recently said makes people wonder if they have really regretted their wrongdoings.


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I’m sure if any other group had said the same thing, no one would even think twice about it.....because people would understand that not everyone has to like the same thing and people can say if they don’t like something...but then apparently not, thanks to this poorly written and hardly fair article.
Eh......the problem isn’t THEM, it’s the public :/


DMTN~JeeYup AUSDMTN~JeeYup Nov.12.2012 04:02PM
not just because BLOCK B are artists they can agree to everything. they also have to care about themselves. like saying that they don’t like pizza made out of rice. is there only pizza made out of rice in that event? can’t they offer them normal rice or anything as long as it’s not the food they don’t like? i mean, i don’t want the farmers to get offended but it’s just not right making an issue about block b with a reason that’s not even supposed to be made into an issue. why OVERREACT people?! die!!
COME ON! Block B are honest people afterall! At least they didn’t say they don’t like pizza made out of rice in front of that pizza!. what i mean is that, at least they didn’t deny the pizza made of rice when they were already about to eat it. oh god!
so many happening to BLOCK B right now!!!
Let them SOAR HIGH with NILILI MAMBO, people!!!
I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums whoever-made-this-article!!! Oh what a shame that you made an issue about BLOCK B with a very SIMPLE reason that can be fixed by talking with BLOCK B!!!!!

BBC, all we need to do is protect block b with all of our might, okay?
BBC and BLOCK B stays together and FIGHTS TOGETHER!! :)


lynn yana MYSlynn yana Nov.12.2012 06:11AM
is things will never get better with block b..??
come on netizen, when will you grow up...
there are like tons of food made from rice, not eating a pizza made from rice not gonna kill the rice industries..
but, i guess, idol have to be supportive in all, you expect block b to just say that "yes, we love pizza made from rice"
after saying that, if BBC send like tons of pizza made from rice to block b, who’s gonna responsible for that..???
it is just a small thing and yet, netizen or who ever made this headline are being childish.
idol do have their preference...enough that you took their life away, and now, even what they eat also you want to keep ur hand into..??


SilverKitten SWESilverKitten Nov.12.2012 06:23AM
totally agree :( It seems more like those who have something against them jump on every little word to try and ruin for them :(( I wonder how many of them actually like rice pizza... ofc they would only then say that they are idols and shouldnt behave like that bcz fans look up to them... Well it doesnt matter they will always find something to not like... also no one ever, is perfect. They have it hard enough with their schedules and stuff. At least I hope they are treated better than SM seem to do with their artists...

lynn yana MYSlynn yana Nov.14.2012 10:03AM
thanks for agree with me..after reading a post about idol life,i turn to pity them soo much..their company makes them as their puppet.all of their life is being control by the company and by public.there are actor or actress or MC in korea that are known to be straight forward..and they were not being criticize at all, so why can’t block b be the same..??

SanNi GBRSanNi Nov.12.2012 05:47AM
Leave Block B alone!!! D:< why are these people getting so offended at small things!.
Do K-Netizens have no sense of humor?
gosh -.-
They just kids...


ngbeiibabe MYSngbeiibabe Nov.12.2012 05:44AM
awww...dont say it like that...
they’re just kids like us after all =(
(why do people get offended so easily anyway =.=)
sigh.....some netizens just wanna watch the world burn =.=

block B fighting !!


♫DanE♥GukkiE♫ PHL♫DanE♥GukkiE♫ Nov.12.2012 05:39AM
leave BLOCK B and B.A.P alone ..!! my god! this two groups are working hard so why dont they just shut their mouth???



Jessica-Yankumi1990 ITAJessica-Yankumi1990 Nov.12.2012 05:29AM
OMG this is a fury toward them! Why??!! a part if this part on the article is traslate wrong or not, if someone offert me Pizza i say no because i don’t like more pizza (and i’m italian ><).. but what is the problem!?-.- i think now over the first "accident" (and even there I think it’s been made more noise than what has happened for real), they are attacking at the slightest thing they say!maybe some are "fear"of Block b because they are really different form the other artist and this is "uneasy"??!! Idn but i hope this not create another problem like the last -.-


Kristinefangirl PHLKristinefangirl Nov.12.2012 05:28AM
I agree many netizens are overreacting~~~ AigooTT^TT


Daniel´s dreamgirl ISLDaniel´s dreamgirl Nov.12.2012 05:08AM
that whole issue earlier on was blown out of proportions it seemed to me as someone edited and translated what they said so it would look even worse... Ofc they might not want to have said that...knowing how Korea is but as RubyNZ said they can buy other stuff like, plain rice. I have never heard of rice pizza... Maybe people just want to get offended?


Hunny USAHunny Nov.12.2012 05:05AM
UGH. I saw this earlier. This is the article:

And the comment that everyone should see:
[BREAKING] One of BBI’s translators clarified that this is yet ANOTHER article completely taken out of context. The hosts mentioned that there are a lot of junk food made out of rice and they asked Block B what they eat the most. Taeil mentioned that he eats mostly instant food and that he doesn’t like pizza made out of rice. He just mentioned that that was his preference of food.

And even if they did say that, it is their simple preference of food. They were not bashing the farmers or the work they did =_=. I don’t want to go ranting again, but if more people do this, I probably will.


Daniel´s dreamgirl ISLDaniel´s dreamgirl Nov.12.2012 05:10AM
exactly!! It seems some ppl are so out for blood when it comes to Block B :(

BIG Fan of JJ Project - JB2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - navajaneBIG Fan of JJ Project - JB 2 navajane USAnavajane Nov.12.2012 11:32AM

RubyNZ NZLRubyNZ Nov.12.2012 04:57AM
Not again D:::::::: When will it end?!?! and what the heck is it so wrong to hate pizza made of rice?? I’m sure they would buy other food items that are made from rice.. you know.. LIKE RICE?!??!?!?! Why must they get angry over pizza rice?? What on earth?? I’ve never even heard of pizza rice before!! and they did volunteer work.. COME ON.. give them a break already!! 8 months of volunteer work and people say they haven’t learnt their lesson?? What lesson is to be learnt.. They did something (that I don’t even think was that bad) did 8 months of labour (LEMME TELL YOU..THAT IS 8 MONTHS OF THEIR LIVES THEY NEVER GONNA GET BACK) and these people don’t even appreciate that?? and anyways why are they fussing over this? It’s been yonks! I’ve noticed that for some reason.. against Kpop groups people get so offended by the slightest things???


Hunny USAHunny Nov.12.2012 05:07AM
omg I love you xD

Be the Chaser of Infinite - Sungyeol2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - RiikoOn and On - LEO Riiko FRARiiko Nov.12.2012 04:57AM
I agree with creepinyeol


creepinyeol SGPcreepinyeol Nov.12.2012 04:53AM
They were just being honest, being themselve.



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