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exo k variety show ??

Nov.21.2012. 09:10PM

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ive read on tumblr EXO K will have a varitety show of somekind, the first episode is supposed to be released on the 29th of this month ?

anyone know anything about it ?


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AL BYUN PHLAL BYUN Nov.21.2012 10:48PM
oh so yeah...distressed thapa resolved


skha15 USAskha15 Nov.21.2012 10:43PM
FINALLY!! i’ve been waiting for EXO-K to be on a variety show ^O^


CHINee AUSCHINee Nov.21.2012 09:31PM


Akuma CANAkuma Nov.21.2012 09:17PM
yes i heard about it~~ Glad SM finally decided on it XD


AL BYUN PHLAL BYUN Nov.21.2012 09:16PM
its the first time i heard it,gotta check their site lol...but that would be great...omg


AL BYUN PHLAL BYUN Nov.21.2012 09:33PM
i didn’t saw it on their sched

AL BYUN PHLAL BYUN Nov.21.2012 10:47PM
29th...hmn,so i saw their sched,on 29th theyd be on her
PM 08:00 Tooniverse-TV 고민타파 해결왕=gomintapa haegyeol wang?

Amyyy USAAmyyy Nov.21.2012 09:14PM
No sorry i don’t know anything about this but i hope it is true though because i really really want to see them in a variety show



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