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C-clown facts ^^

Nov.28.2012. 11:27AM

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1) Rome, Siwoo, Ray and Maru were the originally planned members of C-Clown. Kangjun and T.K were added before C-Clown’s debut.


2) Rome can’t eat spicy foods. He once fainted when he tried to do so.


3) Siwoo’s dream of becoming a singer was inspired by Big Bang’s Taeyang.


4) Siwoo is more shy and less talkative, than the other members in the group during interviews.


5) Ray always wanted to be a soccer player, when he was elementary school.


6) Ray likes to try and speak English, whenever some else is speaking English.


7) Kangjun only had eight months of training before C-Clown’s debut.


8) Kangjun dropped out of school after he passed the audition and became a trainee for Yedang Entertainment.


9) T.K almost debut with idol group; BTOB, but T.K became very sick due to stress, so he couldn’t join them.


10) T.K is the only member with the longest training.


11) Maru would travel alone on a three hour bus ride from Cheongju to Seoul for about a year and half for training.


12) Maru like spikes or studs on clothing or accessories.


13) All the members live in a dorm together.


14) Ray and Kangjun shares a room together at their dorm.


15) The members try not to eat after 7pm.


16) After preforming on music shows, the members of C-Clown will return to their company building and practice their choreography until 3am.


17) All the members are right handed.


18) C-Clown has two managers, who live in the dorm with them.


19)During pre-debut days, the members didn’t have to share a dorm room together, but they are all in the same building (separate from YD Entertainment’s main building).


20) C-Clown stands for Crown Clown


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BabyChan_Toria MYSBabyChan_Toria Feb.23.2013 02:28PM
I love C-Clown very much! Especially KangJun! <3 :)


jako QATjako Feb.14.2013 02:37PM
i love c-clown


marg_xyz AUSmarg_xyz Nov.29.2012 01:51AM
So glad that Kangjun and TK were added in. :)


Amyyy USAAmyyy Nov.29.2012 12:41AM
Thanks for the info ^^


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JB2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - navajaneBIG Fan of JJ Project - JB 2 navajane USAnavajane Nov.29.2012 12:23AM
cool, thanks for sharing ^^


Baatrisyiaa MYSBaatrisyiaa Nov.28.2012 02:07PM
My 2 bias sleeps in the same room. Sweet xD


luvskully USAluvskully Nov.28.2012 02:06PM
just like rome i can’t eat spicy foods...
i try not to eat after 6pm though..
i am right handed
tk almost debuted with BTOB OMG!!!!!!!!!!


ERROR - LEOGURUPOP Show EP5 from CheondungI Love You, 2NE1 - Dara Dianis06 COLDianis06 Nov.28.2012 02:01PM
My 2 bias sleep in the same room :)


emined IRNemined Nov.28.2012 01:48PM


Zelly BIHZelly Nov.28.2012 01:16PM
Thank you so much for the information!


daehyun PHLdaehyun Nov.28.2012 01:13PM
"14) Ray and Kangjun shares a room together at their dorm."



Lucky Visitor 1stBIG Fan of GURUPOPYou are so sweet! DiegoM BRADiegoM Nov.28.2012 01:09PM
That’s a lot of information. Thanks huda-ssi~ :)


huda23 MYShuda23 Nov.29.2012 12:21AM
Sure ^^

Welcome BackKnock knock ♥garah♥ PHL♥garah♥ Nov.28.2012 11:33AM
Thanks for this info!!!


Be the Chaser of Infinite - Sungyeol2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - RiikoOn and On - LEO Riiko FRARiiko Nov.28.2012 11:32AM



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