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Dec.07.2012. 02:37AM

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I don't like the new youtube, i missed the old youtube ><




Anyone else likes the new youtube????


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Be the Chaser of Infinite - SungyeolOn and On - LEO2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - Riiko Riiko FRARiiko Dec.07.2012 04:21AM
Same :(


Starlight USAStarlight Dec.07.2012 02:47AM
It annoys me greatly XD.


winkkiss USAwinkkiss Dec.07.2012 03:04AM
you know what??? me too!! :D

heyitsnickel USAheyitsnickel Dec.07.2012 02:46AM
I dont like it either D:
I was rewatching U-KISS Vampire while it changed too ><
I thought I pressed a button or something until I saw all the tips -_-


winkkiss USAwinkkiss Dec.07.2012 03:04AM
*facepalm* why did it has to changed ><

Our 2nd B1A4 Event - B1A4Tried to Walk, B1A4!IGNITION Release Card - B1A4 Jane Rabbit AUSJane Rabbit Dec.07.2012 02:44AM
I DON’T LIKE IT EITHER >< I keep getting lost~~~And When I press on My Subscriptions or Uploads only, It goes to a new page~~ NOT like the way it did before where it was a smooth transition ><


★Alessia★ CAN★Alessia★ Dec.07.2012 02:45AM
I completely understand. I’m the same way. the new format is making all the YouTube partners lives miserable!

winkkiss USAwinkkiss Dec.07.2012 03:03AM
so lame >< aiqoo

B2utyful_Melody USAB2utyful_Melody Dec.07.2012 02:41AM
new youtube is stupid


BIG Fan of JJ Project - JR.BIG Fan of JJ Project - JJ ProjectBIG Fan of JJ Project - JR. 2 Fudgers USAFudgers Dec.07.2012 02:41AM
I hate it!
It’s been like this for a long time and it’s DUMB


ERROR - LEO2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - BanaVivianaGongchanETERNITY - Leo BanaVivianaGongchan USABanaVivianaGongchan Dec.07.2012 02:40AM
i hate it!!!


winkkiss USAwinkkiss Dec.07.2012 03:03AM
me too!!! >:(

★Alessia★ CAN★Alessia★ Dec.07.2012 02:40AM
The only reason I hate the new YouTube is because it makes the lives of YouTube partners like me SSSSOOOOO much more difficult because we need to adjust all our videos to fit the new format and pretty much fix everything. I might get paid by YouTube, but this is extra work I don’t need BBBBLLLLLAAAHHH!!!! GO BACK TO OLD FORMAT YOUTUBE!!! WWWHHHYY???


winkkiss USAwinkkiss Dec.07.2012 03:03AM
really? we have a new format too???? aw man >< PLEASE COME BACK OLD YOUTUBE ><

N.O, Bangtan Boys - JiminBoy In Luv - JungkookJust One Day - Rap Monster yvonne5488 MYSyvonne5488 Dec.07.2012 02:40AM
yaya... i shocked this morning when i suffer the youtube


winkkiss USAwinkkiss Dec.07.2012 03:02AM
me too, i was like so which is where ><

J.AE USAJ.AE Dec.07.2012 02:40AM
omg just like tumblr....arghhh i hate it too


Stefanetta USAStefanetta Dec.07.2012 02:40AM
It’s all sucky.
Me no likey.


winkkiss USAwinkkiss Dec.07.2012 03:02AM
seem like most of us don’t like it lol

J.AE USAJ.AE Dec.07.2012 02:40AM
i dispise it with all my gut raging hate............



i dont like it though


winkkiss USAwinkkiss Dec.07.2012 03:01AM
I’m with you!!! burn it! lol

AndreaXD NORAndreaXD Dec.07.2012 02:39AM
I agree! I don’t like it :/


winkkiss USAwinkkiss Dec.07.2012 03:01AM
we need to protest! lol

babywarriorx NZLbabywarriorx Dec.07.2012 02:39AM
I don’t like it :/ It’s so bland...


winkkiss USAwinkkiss Dec.07.2012 03:01AM
it like everything being cramped

IGNITION Release Card -Baro THE RETURN Release Card - ShinhwaDIRTY Release Card - Miryo3 JazeMarie USAJazeMarie Dec.07.2012 02:38AM
I really don’t like the new YouTube..


winkkiss USAwinkkiss Dec.07.2012 03:00AM
me too >< *hug*

2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ IGNITION Release Card - Jinyoung2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Commenter ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ USA♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ Dec.07.2012 02:38AM
yeah.. i HATE the new youtube too T^T


winkkiss USAwinkkiss Dec.07.2012 02:43AM
me too, it looked too mushed up ><


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