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About cards and people who never win nothing ~

Korean Dream
Dec.12.2012. 07:06AM

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I usualy don't participe to any giveway (exept Gurupop's giveways!) but I have some cards because I share events but I totaly don't care about virtual cards (I'm a fanboy sorry!)(exept B.A.P!) and when I see people saying that they never win nothing it makes me sad (because girls are cute only where they smile) so I give what I have to people I WANT and not people who have a lot of cards in 20 exemplaries...

I'm waiting for your comments!!



- I don't do a giveway because giveway means winners and loosers and I don't want any looser.

- please, stop promoting your own giveway in a new post every day...

- Gurupop is a place to have fun and to share OUR love for kpop so don't flood it with cart trading or other "OMG I won xxx" (Exept Gurupop's signed CDs because it is so amazing!)(someone told me that's to share happiness, that's right!)(Sometimes giveway games are fun that's right but I never won anything because I'm slow to answer LOL)

- Only child keep what they have to themself.

- You are french? Commente en français c'est toujours plus simple ;)

- Please, always smile even you won anything, we are a family f***!! ;)

Thanks for all Gurupop, you changed my life <3


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Angel98 DEUAngel98 Dec.12.2012 09:11AM
awww..really cute of you ^^

I love B.A.P too ^^
Jongup is my bias ♥


i like you. you’re cool.^^


♫DanE♥GukkiE♫ PHL♫DanE♥GukkiE♫ Dec.12.2012 09:01AM
TT.TT touchy .. i love the word "girls are cute when they smile" :D continue with your kindness .. ^^



Safety zone - SimonI Love You, 2NE1 - 2NE1Alive Release Card - BIGBANG ✿D b u n n n y✿ USA✿D b u n n n y✿ Dec.12.2012 08:55AM
You’re so sweet :3


Mao Hyang-Gi TKMMao Hyang-Gi Dec.12.2012 08:07AM
nice words :)


Korean Dream FRAKorean Dream Dec.12.2012 08:13AM
Thank you ;)

dimple PHLdimple Dec.12.2012 07:46AM
oh! T.T just.... tears of joy. haha! thank you SOOOO MUUUCH!


Korean Dream FRAKorean Dream Dec.12.2012 07:51AM
Welcome :)

RocketStar22 PHLRocketStar22 Dec.12.2012 07:42AM
i don’t know..what happened.. earlier.. because I just clicked
MY GUROOM.. and then I was Shocked.... O_____O
I just had..

December.12.2012 Have, Don’t have - Ahyoung(1)

December.12.2012 Dripping Tears, Son Dam Bi! - 2(1)

December.12.2012 Dripping Tears, Son Dam Bi! - 4(1)

December.12.2012 JANUS, Boyfriend!(1)

December.12.2012 Far away... Young love, C-Clown!(1)

Thank you..!! Korean Dreammm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Korean Dream FRAKorean Dream Dec.12.2012 07:43AM
Welcome ;) <3

RocketStar22 PHLRocketStar22 Dec.12.2012 07:43AM
Thank you thank you thank you..!!!!!!!!!

Korean Dream FRAKorean Dream Dec.12.2012 07:44AM
With pleasure =}

benzedrine PHLbenzedrine Dec.12.2012 07:40AM
lol this is so cute ;~;


Korean Dream FRAKorean Dream Dec.12.2012 07:41AM
Your card collection is amazing

benzedrine PHLbenzedrine Dec.12.2012 07:49AM
no it is not ;;

Destiny 운명 NAMDestiny 운명 Dec.12.2012 07:36AM
"because girls are cute only where they smile" <<< Awww!! Made Me happy :)I have most of the sets since VIXX, but I have only gotten one show card from Daniel, and i earned that one... I get on gurppop everyday for like 5 hours or more... if I dont get any cards, though I would really love them (like REALLY LOVE THEM), I am still thankful for the cards I have and for Gurupop, because I am just happy to be able to interact with others and actually get an opportunity to win something, virtual or not.


Korean Dream FRAKorean Dream Dec.12.2012 07:40AM
The last sentence is so true! ;)

dimple PHLdimple Dec.12.2012 07:33AM
only have 2 cards T.T i participated in those giveaways but.. but.. i can’t have extra entries like others coz i don’t have any cards to give them T.T


cherrytomato MYScherrytomato Dec.12.2012 07:33AM
fanboys are so extinct come to noona.
sorry if that creeped you out.

but omg, that put a smile on my face.
well, but i think the "OMG I WON xxx" is pretty nice, because we’re all sharing out happiness, and when we share our happiness, it doubles ;)
it’s just overwhelming at the moment because the winners for the show card quest just came out. :P


Korean Dream FRAKorean Dream Dec.12.2012 07:37AM
I think you are right ;)

Tainara BRATainara Dec.12.2012 07:28AM
I’m not that careful with virtual cards too xD there are some people who are really obsessed for it. But well, I don’t care too much too, but I really like to have cards of my biases :). I’m not into complete sets. I just like to have cards of my biases. And I like to help people who are wanting the cards more than me too. Most people have fun with cards and as I’m not the careful with sets and all I prefer to give for someone who likes to complete sets than stay with some cards with me xD.


Korean Dream FRAKorean Dream Dec.12.2012 07:31AM
Totaly the same!

RocketStar22 PHLRocketStar22 Dec.12.2012 07:22AM
I participated in so many giveaways here in gurupop but I didn’t get a chance to win just one...I did my best to join =(.. and still I’m a loser... and I only have fanclub cards.. =(


hoonnoona SGPhoonnoona Dec.12.2012 07:16AM
(because girls are cute only where they smile) <- this made me cringe hahah u r so mushy XD


Korean Dream FRAKorean Dream Dec.12.2012 07:18AM
Sorry XDD

luiza BRAluiza Dec.12.2012 07:09AM
I never won star quest cards... :T you can even Check my gurumom


Korean Dream FRAKorean Dream Dec.12.2012 07:13AM
Yes but you’ve got a lot of card and complete sets *-*
I have the 1/4 of you xD

luiza BRAluiza Dec.12.2012 07:14AM
So... Wanna trade? ^^

Korean Dream FRAKorean Dream Dec.12.2012 07:16AM
I’m only interested in B.A.P and Bigbang cards but Bigbang’s are very rare!


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