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Ultimate Bias

Dec.18.2012. 03:59PM

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I´m proud A+ and Seungho is my ultimate bias....why?

that´s why...POP if you agree and he´s gorgeous


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MD_Maja CZEMD_Maja Dec.22.2012 03:17PM
I like him too I was so shocked when I saw him repair the computer and the bike :D He’s really multitalented person :D


Lollipopp SVKLollipopp Dec.23.2012 08:12AM
yeah and in sesame player :D videos when he play the piano , guitar, or when he dance, and he knows knitting :D I want the scarf from him :D

ERROR - LEOGURUPOP Show EP5 from CheondungERROR - VIXX Dianis06 COLDianis06 Dec.19.2012 10:33PM
I’m an A+ and Seungho is one of my top 5 bias, I love him :)


AndreaXD NORAndreaXD Dec.18.2012 04:41PM
seungho <3


Jumana~☆ KWTJumana~☆ Dec.18.2012 04:30PM
my one and only love Seungho <3 proud to be A+ and seungholic <3


Lollipopp SVKLollipopp Dec.18.2012 04:31PM
me too :)

Be the Chaser of Infinite - SungyeolOn and On - LEO2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - Riiko Riiko FRARiiko Dec.18.2012 04:29PM
^^ For me, Eunhyuk from Super Junior ^^


2013 GURUPOP Awards - Best Daily Checker - ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ IGNITION Release Card - Jinyoung2014 GURUPOP Awards - Best Commenter ♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ USA♥KrisBANA♥JJY♥ Dec.18.2012 04:19PM
my ONLY ONE bias is JINYOUNG~♥ from B1A4. so yeah. :3♥


Lollipopp SVKLollipopp Dec.18.2012 04:27PM
well that´s your choice :D

NieLeli IDNNieLeli Dec.18.2012 04:16PM
Seungho is one of my bias. Sexy lips,,haha ^^


DMTN~JeeYup AUSDMTN~JeeYup Dec.18.2012 04:01PM
my ultimatum bias is Seungho too!! omg stay away from him!! jkes. haha


Lollipopp SVKLollipopp Dec.18.2012 04:02PM
well we have to share :D


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